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Leaders needed~! Its time to get active people...

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Leaders needed~! Its time to get active people...

Postby Scott Hatch » Sat Feb 05, 2005 7:37 pm

True leaders are not those who strive to be first but those who are first to strive and who give their all for the success of the team. True leaders are first to see the need, envision the plan, and empower the team for action. By the strength of the leader's commitment, the power of the team is unleashed

I'm sure people have seen the ever expanding calls to action lately, some of you may even be concerned that our sport is in jeopardy. Personally I see this in a positive light. To me this shows that we are becoming more aware of the issues our sport is facing BEFORE we see a gate across our favorite trail. It all comes down to YOU, the concerned recreationalist becoming involved. There is an ever increaing need for assistance in our sport, whether its a club, Association, or just writing a letter or making a call voicing YOUR concerns to your local state or federal representative.

I implore each and every member on this board to become active in your own way. It doesn't matter if you're an unaffiliated wheeler, a member of another Association, or even a current member who has no experience. We NEED your help! I'm sure the people here in the North East would love to enjoy the same access as our Western brothers but this all starts with YOU! The North East Association of 4WD Clubs will be rolling out its goals, objectives, and plans over the next few months and to succeed we need your help.

I know I want my children to enjoy the same sport in the same places I do today. If we want our children to inherit this legacy from US the time to start is now.

Scott Hatch
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Scott Hatch
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