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Town Voting

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Town Voting

Postby tammylynn » Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:50 pm

Did my civic duty today and voted against my town donating to the Open Space Conservation Initiative. Luckily that warrant article has been voted down the last two times it has been on the ballot.
I voted no on the following article as well and thought it was a very interesting article on the

Tax Warrant Article Sparks Controversy in Hudson over State Government
by Tom Tollefson

Thanks to Conservation Commission member James Battis a new and controversial warrant article ? to limit the property tax by rejecting the political pledge against broad-based taxes ? will appear on Hudson?s town ballot in March. This new article is also being put on the ballot of dozens of other New Hampshire towns.

Article 18 says: ?Shall the Town of Hudson vote to approve the following resolutions to be forwarded to our State Representatives, our State Senators, and our Governor? Resolved: We the citizens of Hudson, NH believe in a New Hampshire that is just and fair. The property tax has become unjust and unfair. State leaders who take a pledge for no new taxes perpetuate higher and higher property taxes. We call on our State Representatives, our State Senator, and our Governor to reject the ?Pledge,? and have an open discussion covering all options, including income tax, and adopt a revenue system that lowers property taxes.? (Not recommended by the Board of Selectmen).

?The tax structure in New Hampshire is often called the New Hampshire advantage, but when I ask politicians to say what the advantages are, they answer another question,? Battis said. ?This article does not cause for a new tax, but simply a review of the tax structure. Too often we get the feeling that politicians tell us what?s best for us. This article gives us the opportunity to ask the question.?

Budget Committee Chairman Howard Dilworth spoke up against the article. ?If you think your taxes are too high, get a seat on the Budget Committee,? he said.

Dilworth was not alone in his stand against the warrant article.

Chairman Shawn Jasper and the Board of Selectmen were also in opposition. ?It?s not something the town of Hudson has jurisdiction over,? he said. He also said New Hampshire has the lowest per capita tax base out of every single state except Alaska.

The motion to not recommend the article passed 5 - 0 at a recent Board of Selectmen meeting.

The addition of the words ?including income tax? was approved at town meeting.

Bettis made a motion for a second amendment to the article, which would add the words ?timber tax, dividend tax, sales tax, vehicle property tax, and business tax.? However, that amendment failed to pass the two-thirds majority vote with the residents.

This amendment was originally started by the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition, which has also made efforts to get the article passed in dozens of other communities across New Hampshire. For more information:
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