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Ukraine in Need

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Ukraine in Need

Postby jeepgirltj88 » Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:53 pm


Just putting this out there to see if there would be anyone willing. Please delete if not appropriate or place elsewhere. Would anyone be willing to bring any of these items as donations to be collected for People of Ukraine in need during any of our upcoming events or club meetings?

I can arrange a pickup time and place with anyone just reach out to me either email @ or 401-651-4262

"The materials are hand delivered to Poland by Ukrainian Americans flying to Poland on their own “dime” and handed over to a dedicated group of Ukrainian clergy and volunteers who deliver the medical supplies directly to the troops at the front lines and general goods to those offering aid to the refugees in Poland and neighboring countries – all within a matter of days."

This is being taken care of by a staff member where I work as we are not allowed to ask the public but I feel asking here is acceptable. Items in need are as follows:

Medical Supplies needed:
Absorbent Pads
Ifak Trauma Kits
Alcohol Swabs
Israel Bandage, 6 and 4 inch
LED Flashlights
LED Headlamps
Bleed Control Kits
Medical Tourniquets
Boxed Gloves
Needles, Varying Gauges
Burn Dressings
Celox Hemostatic Agent
Pressure Infusers
Chest Seals
Rolled Gauze, gauze patches
Compressed Gauze
Solar Power Banks
Cough Drops
Sterile Gloves, gowns
Elastic Bandages
Suction Catheters
Emergency Blankets
Surgical Tape
Energizer LED Lights
Syringes, 60ml
Everlit Emergency Kits
Tactical Blankets
Foley Insertion Trays
Hyfin Vent Dressings
Wound Care Kits
Donations for Refugees:
Hygiene products
Walkers, crutches, durable medical equipment
Sanitary products
Undergarments and socks for children/adults
Thermal/fleece blankets, sleeping bags
Diapers, wipes and other items useful for babies/kids
Flashlights, lamps
Practical clothes for children/adults
Walkie talkies, binoculars, knee/elbow guards
Workboots, sneakers
Toilet Paper/papertowels
Over the counter medications
Pet supplies

Please reach out with any questions.

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