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BRC Action Alert - New York

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BRC Action Alert - New York

Postby rblank » Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:55 am

I know some NY people pop in here from time to time and others have family there.

>Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,
>The New York State Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Association (NYSORVA)
>has forwarded us one of their legislative alerts about an important bill
>working its way thought the New York Legislature. They have asked us to
>pass it on to all our New York alert subscribers.
>I have pasted their email below; please take a couple of minutes to read
>over the information.
>By the way, the New York State Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle
>Association's website is an excellent source of information for all New
>York OHV planning projects.
>Thanks in advance for your support,
>Brian Hawthorne
>Public Lands Director
>BlueRibbon Coalition
>208-237-1008 ext 102
>Support the New York ATV Economic Impact Study
>(S.5706 Maziarz / A.8551 Morelle)
>UPDATE: June 7, 2007 - Senate Bill is Passed! Please contact your Assembly
>Member ASAP.
>Using the instructions below as your guide, now is the time to contact your
>State Assembly member to ask for the Assembly version of the bill to be
>moved for a floor vote before the Legislative Session expires this month.
>May 24, 2007 Action Alert - One month left in the Legislative Session!
>Contact your state legislators today to support a statewide ATV economic
>impact study. And remember in NY "ATV" includes off-highway motorcycles as
>well. Approximately $100,000 is needed to fund a study which would
>determine how much the state and local economies are positively impacted by
>ATV recreation. Take Action! to urge your legislator to support funding
>for the study NOW! See below for steps you can take.
>The Details:
>Legislation has been introduced (S.5706 - Maziarz / A.8551 - Morelle) to
>direct New York State to prepare a report on the economic impact of
>ATV-related tourism in the state of New York. But with less than one month
>to go in the Legislative Session, its chances of success depends on you!
>ATV-related recreation supports jobs, generates sales and income taxes, and
>represents an integral component of the tourism industry and the overall
>economy in New York state. Efforts are underway in other states to promote
>tourism, including motorized vehicle associated recreation in the name of
>economic development, but not here in New York!
>The State legislature needs to recognize the number of people who engage in
>motorized vehicle recreation in New York State and the actual expenditures
>relating to that recreation. Moreover, our policymakers must realize the
>potential that the establishment of a statewide trails system has in
>relation to creating jobs.
>Senator Maziarz and Assemblyman Morelle already recognize this and have
>introduced legislation to provide state policymakers with accurate and
>timely information regarding the tourism and economic impact of ATV-related
>recreation in New York State.
>Most importantly, however, the extension of the ATV registrations for the
>2006-07 registration term (at $10 per ATV) left the additional $5 of YOUR
>money in the State coffers - and we want it back! Simple accounting
>estimates that the lack of allocation of the $5 resulted in $690,000 of
>registration fees that were collected and never returned to ATV registrants
>as a result of this repeal. This study will be funded with your money and
>benefits you - the ATVer!
>Grassroots Action:
>So, NYSORVA is asking all ATV registrants to call their State Senator
>(518-455-2800) and Assemblymember (518-455-4100) today to remind them that
>they still owe you money! Ask them to support (S.5706 Maziarz / A.8551
>Morelle) and to sign on as co-sponsors. Most importantly, however, ASK THEM
> Steps you can take:
> 1. Call 518-455-2800 (NYS Senate) or 518-455-4100 (NYS Assembly) and
>ask to speak to your Senator/Assemblymember. You can find who your Senator
>is by visiting Project Vote-Smart.
> 2. Remind them where you live (give your street address in their
>district) and that you're an ATV enthusiast that owns a legally registered
>and insured ATV and a member of NYSORVA.
> 3. Ask them to support (S.5706 / A.8551) and to sign on as co-sponsors.
> 4. Most importantly!!!!!! ASK THEM TO PASS S.5706 / A.8551 BEFORE THEY
> 5. Finally, ask them to contact Senator Bruno and Assembly Speaker
>Silver to request that this legislation is passed.
> If you're asked to leave a message by a staff member PLEASE DO NOT BE
>PUSHY and don't insist that you speak to the Senator/Assemblymember.
>Please politely leave your name, telephone number and information. Request
>the name of the person you're speaking to and identify when a good time
>would be to call back to follow up after the staff person has had an
>opportunity to speak with the Senator/Assemblymember. Write it down and
>call back to follow up!
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