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Postby Paul » Tue May 10, 2005 9:43 am

Now's your chance, you get the helm all to yourself!! Alls that's left is me, Carl, Roscoe, Pat, and Scotty, oh and Steve is here too. You can mold us and shape us into a well oiled machine, you can bring in your own management team if you like (as long as they are assoc members). C'mon light us a fire old man! :paul:

I would first like to thank Mark Dupont for the hard work he has done. Good luck on the search for gainful employment and we all wish you and the family the best.

So with this vacancy the Director of MA Land Access is open, do I have an volunteers?

Duties would be to oversee the MA Land Access Team, submit a brief progress report for the Delegate meeting (email, in person, or on this forum), delegate responsibility to team members, advise and oversee projects.

If you are resident of MA and interested please let me know......the other Land Directors and NEA Delegates would be more than willing to offer advice, direction, and experience.

Thank you,
Scott Hatch
Guy that used to do stuff a long long time ago.
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