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EC4WDA Economic Assessment 09 has been released

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EC4WDA Economic Assessment 09 has been released

Postby rblank » Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:44 pm

2009 Economic Assessment
Steve Alheim & Aili McKeen

The 2009 EC4WDA "Economic Assessment" is now available!

The economic assessment report tells just how much money we, as a community broken down state by state, spend while enjoying our sport. It can be used on the local and state levels, as well as regionally and nationally.

The original book has been presented all over the country and to Senators and Representatives in Washington DC.

It has a lot of power when dealing with local communities, tourism boards, etc. and needs to be used to influence the environmental and economic policies that effect 4WD recreation.

A big thanks goes to Region D NorthEast for preparing the report and its underlying survey!

Now it is your turn. The assessment is a powerful tool. It is up to you whether it is a scythe clearing the path for 4WD activists or an implement left to rust.

The ?Assessment of Four Wheel Drive Recreation in the Midwest & Northeast? is 44 pages, in pdf format. Please print it and use it. Copies may be available through your region President when download & print is not an option.
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