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Positive Economic Impact of OHV Recreation In Colorado

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Positive Economic Impact of OHV Recreation In Colorado

Postby nuthinfancy » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:08 pm

Following is an article about a new study released by the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition(COHVCO). This should make you feel good.

Positive Economic Impact of OHV Recreation
by Jack Terrell, Senior NOHVCC Project Coordinator

The Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) has released a new study of the positive economic impact of off-highway vehicle recreation in Colorado. The study, entitled "Economic Contribution of Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation in Colorado", was conducted by the Louis Berger Group, Inc., an independent global environmental engineering and planning firm. The study provides detailed analysis of direct gross sales (jobs, labor income, other property income, and business taxes), additional economic activity, and total contribution of motorized recreation to Colorado's economy.

Among the study's findings, the annual total economic contribution of motorized recreation in Colorado exceeds $1,027,000,000 (that is over 1 billion dollars)! It is responsible for over 12,000 jobs, $370 million in labor income, $129 million in property income, $107 million in taxes, and $243 million in downstream gross sales that provide economic benefits to citizens, businesses, and governments.

The study confirms what we as OHV enthusiasts have known for a long time: OHV recreation is a major contributor to the vitality of state and local economies. In times of economic downturn, high unemployment rates, and declining state and local tax revenues, what do we hear from every politician and government official? How many TV sound bites have you heard proclaiming "We need to stimulate the local economy", "we need to create jobs", and "we need to increase tax revenue to offset increasing budget deficits"? Motorized recreation provides the answer to all three of these needs, and it doesn't require a budget-busting stimulus package to make it happen.

Every OHV enthusiast needs to present a copy of this report to their local township supervisor, city council member, mayor, county commissioner, state representative or senator; public land manager; and members of the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Agency, or Tourism Development Board. This study provides you with a terrific tool to promote the positive economic benefits of OHV recreation.

You may view the COHVCO cover letter, the full report, or a condensed Executive Summary of the study. Or you may obtain a copy on CD at no cost from COHVCO by contacting Corey Corbett, Manager of Operations, at
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