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Laws pertaining to Class VI use in winter and mudseason

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Laws pertaining to Class VI use in winter and mudseason

Postby Scott Hatch » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:32 pm

I posted this info over on NCRS4x4 and figured I would share it here for everyone else....

A discussion was raised about the legalities of mud closures and roads being used by snowmobile clubs....

First of all, the town owns the roads and NH RSA 41:11 expressly states that the selectmen ?may regulate the use of all public highways, sidewalks and commons in their respective towns and for this purpose may exercise all the powers conferred on city councils by RSA 47:17, VII, VIII, and XVIII.? Any change of status on town roads must be done by a vote of the town selectman. A discontinuance however requires a vote of the residents during a town meeting. The town can close the town roads for mudseason using RSA 231:190 & :191 They use these statues to create temporary closures based upon weight limits.

Under RSA 231:191 Section I A town that does close a highway for mud season or any other time of the year, are legally obligated to sign the highway for the weight limit.

Here is some great information about road closures for mudseason: ... icleID=265

As far as snowmobiles, thanks to the many years of lobbying by NHSA RSA 215-A:7, II, is VERY generous to snowmobiles. This RSA is separate from OHRVS and can permit snowmobiles use on town roads by the town selectman if the municipality does not maintain the road for winter use for convential motor vehicles and the road is closed to such vehicles for winter use, and the road is posted accordingly by the Bureau of Trails or its designee.

For more info on this: ... hicles.pdf
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