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UFWDA Membership Benefits

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UFWDA Membership Benefits

Postby Scott Hatch » Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:46 am

UFWDA Membership Benefits

Global communication with other four wheel drive enthusiasts, with local, state, and federal land managers, and with local, state, and federal legislators.

Communication with members using state-of-the-art and up-to-the minute avenues such as the UFWDA website; the Voice, UFWDA’s quarterly newsletter; and e-mail groups, lists, and boards maintained by one of the country’s leading OHV on-line editors – John Stewart, UFWDA Dir. of Environmental Affairs.

Stand-by Voice. This special edition of the Voice is designed solely to provide a geographic listing of all associations, clubs, and individual members worldwide that have volunteered to aid you when you’re wheeling away from home. This specially created edition of the Voice is a list of contact information updated twice a year for the purpose of providing aid to UFWDA members, including assistance to find places to wheel and to find places for replacement parts.

UFWDA website. Our newly developed site provides around-theclock access to all United has to offer. Check out our on-line store to purchase UFWDA items, renew your membership or join United on-line at the click of a button, get the latest news on land use issues, or find a club or association near you. Most importantly, there is a special section of businesses that support UFWDA and support our members by offering you discounts on four wheel drive parts, service, and related items.

And coming soon…
Webinar. Be trained via the internet:

United Four Wheel Drive Awareness Program –
the mission of this highly successful program is to instill responsible offhighway driving skills through education and instruction to novice 4-wheel drive vehicles owners. The United Awareness program was developed in 1993 and has trained and introduced thousands of students to the exciting family oriented sport of 4 wheeling. These clinics have taught thousands of novice four wheelers on the components of their 4x4 vehicle, proper off-highway driving techniques, proper vehicle recovery, courtesies related to 4-wheeling, and accents environmental awareness by way of the Tread Lightly! philosophy. The program can be used as a fund-raising endeavor for your club or association and as a membership incentive to drive up your membership numbers! Now this program is available through the world wide web.
United Volunteer Trail Patrol – this program trains volunteers to be the eyes and ears of local law enforcement. Based on the nationally acclaimed “neighborhood blockwatch” programs, patrol volunteers are educated on effective and proper observation and reporting methods for illegal and improper user ethics that jeopardize future access for our sport.

Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Grant-writing workshops – RTP grants funds are appropriated by the federal government to each state for distribution for recreation projects in need of funding. Each state administers its own grant process and this workshop educates four wheelers on the ins and outs of grant writing. Nationally, many of the state funds ear-marked for motorized recreation go untapped each year because clubs and organizations fail to write grants. Tap into your state funds for OHV use!

Effective Advocacy - This seminar provides step by step guidance to help you become an effective advocate for recreation access to public lands. This seminar will include steps you can take to become informed and involved with public lands access issues ranging from local advocacy to national lobbying efforts.

Professionally developed Four Wheel Drive Awareness Program. The Awareness Program was developed in coordination with Land Rover North America. The Awareness Program not only offers a comprehensive education system for four wheel drive use and safety but can also serve as a club fund raiser. One class held one time each year by a four wheel drive club could raise as much as $500.

Educational material to navigate through public land use decisionmaking. UFWDA’s Public Land Owner’s Manual is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, book about all the things a club needs to know to participate in the land use process. Common issues covered by the manual include applying and obtaining special use permits, writing opposition letters to proposed road closures, and applying and receiving grants for four wheel drive projects.

Access to the only international Trail Patrol Program specifically designed to prevent four wheel drive route closures caused by illegal activities or user conflict. The UFWDA Volunteer Trail Patrol Program uses the time-tested methods of Neighborhood Blockwatch programs to document and curb illegal activities that threaten continued four wheel drive access.
Comprehensive resource section on the UFWDA website to help you through a myriad of land use challenges.

Membership recruitment. UFWDA assists clubs and associations in membership recruitment through our referral service, through club/association advertisement on the UFWDA website, and through UFWDA attendance at local, state, and national four wheel drive events and shows.

UFWDA membership structure encourages club and association membership by offering financial incentives to those who join United through our members clubs and associations rather than direct with United.

And coming soon…
Advertising opportunities for 4x4 events at All United association and clubs will receive two event or membership drive advertisements per year on the United website.

New welcome packet to Association members – to ensure your members know that your association has protected their sport through membership in United. This welcome packet will be mailed to each member annually, introducing new members to the wide range of benefits United has to offer and reminding faithful renewing members of what we accomplish together for the sport.

Magazine Subscription discounts. The following magazines will be offered at a discount: Four Wheeler, 4WD & Sport Utility, JP Magazine, OffRoad, Petersen’s 4 Wheel & OffRoad.

Easy, full-time access to UFWDA attorney. United’s attorney can assist clubs to fight closures in their areas, to write appeals, to provide legal advice on the merits of upcoming law suits, to assist in the formation of a four wheel drive club including incorporation, and with other four wheel drive-related issues facing members.

The United Land Action Fund. The Land Action Fund is a separate entity with its own Board of Directors and works with industry and recreationists to build a better understanding of recreation needs and concerns to meet ongoing challenges of vehicle ownership and recreational use.
Representation on the board of directors of the Action Program. This program is funded by trailer manufacturers and retailers for the purpose of protecting motorized access by providing grants for attorney’s fees, biological opinions, and other professionals. The role of UFWDA as one of the board of directors of the program is to approve grants and to assist in prioritizing spending for those issues most likely to become a threat to four wheel drive access in the coming year.

In addition to the direct benefits your membership brings to you and your family it enables UFWDA to work on behalf of millions of four wheel drive enthusiasts worldwide.

Legislative defense. UFWDA continually monitors, tracks, and combats federal legislation that would affect your right to wheel. In addition, UFWDA partners with other champions of OHV access to protect your rights to access in your state.

OHV park and private property access assistance. UFWDA provides guidance to private land owners interested in offering access to four wheel drive use and helps four wheelers find OHV access nationwide.

User ethics education. UFWDA is a charter member of Tread Lightly! and as such provides ethics education for novice four wheelers. Our members serve as role models to members and nonmembers alike.
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