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Mass DCR advisory council open to public input

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Mass DCR advisory council open to public input

Postby mike_belben » Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:12 am

1. the DCR receives input from a citizen advisory council

2. that council is made up of these people:

3. the public is entitled to speak at the advisory council meetings as outlined here:

Stewardship Council Oversight Strategy

In accordance with the legislative mandate as contained in M.G.L. Chapter 21: Section 2G, the Stewardship Council has drafted their annual oversight strategy of park management plans, capital planning and policy development. This document is open for public comment until October 31, 2007. After this date, comments will be reviewed by the Council and the final approved version submitted to the Secretary of Environmental Affairs shortly thereafter

from here, among other things:

"the Stewardship Council shall serve as the final approval
authority, before DCR’s annual submittals of its:
a. Annual Budget
b. Annual Report"

so this is how DCR determines what it will do and what it will spend for the year, and we the public are legally entitled to inputting our opinions to the the stewardship councilmembers before the oct 31 deadline.

i have my own ideas, but what do you guys suggest we do with all of this new information about the process governing our state acreage?
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