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Call for 4x4 Participation on RIOHVA BOD, The BOD wants YOU!

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Call for 4x4 Participation on RIOHVA BOD, The BOD wants YOU!

Postby Scott Hatch » Tue Mar 15, 2005 6:19 pm

The following is from Bob Barry, NEA RI Land Access Director. The NEA is a member of RIOHVA, so if your club is a member of the NEA you are eligible as well.

The Rhode Island Off-Highway Vehicle Association executive committee has voted to expand our operations through the creation of a BOARD OF DIRECTORS that would include representatives from the 4x4 community. Members of the BOD would take part in monthly meetings to propose, discuss and approve policies for OHV use in the State of RI, as well as serve as chairs of standing and ad-hoc committees.

Members of the BOD must be members of RIOHVA, but do not need to be residents of the State of RI. All you need is an interest in OHV use in RI.

There are large projects being developed for proposal by RIOHVA for state approval, including forest and sand wheeling opportunities, and we want 4x4 users to have their say in the process.

So I encourage anyone concerned or interested in wheeling in Rhode Island to submit their name for consideration as a member of the RIOHVA Board of Directors. You may e-mail or PM me directly, or reply to this thread to indicate your interest in joining the BOD.

Visit the RIOHVA site and work to improve wheeling in Southeastern New England!

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