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ExploringNH's trail cleanup in Barrington, NH

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ExploringNH's trail cleanup in Barrington, NH

Postby exploringnh » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:16 pm

Everything went great and a big thank you goes out to everyone that helped lend a hand. We ended up hauling out 5 dump truck loads and a pickup truck or two. Included were about 150 tires, some on wheels. Lots and lots of trash.

Press release from the event:


Ryan Hayes
ExploringNH LLC[/size]

[size="4"]Members of Local 4-Wheeling Community Volunteer Time to Clean up Local Trails/Roads

Barrington, NH, 9/20/08 ? ExploringNH, based out of Dover, NH, is hosting a ?Trail Clean-Up? that includes several trails/roads in Barrington, NH. The off-road community will be there in force, with members from all over the state coming together to clean up local roads and trails and help further the image of responsible off-roading. The roads are often littered with anything from bags of trash to torn up mattresses and old refrigerators, illegally dumped there. The clean-up will take place on September 20, 2008 and will have a central meeting point of Old Green Hill Rd, off of Rte 125 in Barrington, NH. The crews will be at the trail from 8am until the clean-up is finished.

This is an event long overdue for some of the Class 6 roads in Barrington. Old Green Hill Rd is a popular off-road spot and is frequently abused. Land owners and abutters to the road have become annoyed and frustrated with the amount of trash and disrespect to their property that happens when illegal bypasses are made off of the road and onto their property. The group hopes that a clean trail and fresh signs and trail markings will keep people on the right path and out of private property. Signs will be put up and illegal trails will be blocked as well as removing all refuse.

The off-road crews will be bringing in highly modified vehicles in order to travel trails that otherwise wouldn?t be reachable by standard passenger vehicles. Once in, they will load up any trash and haul it to the trailhead. At the trailhead, dump trucks will be stationed to accept the trash and haul off to the Barrington Transfer Station. There will be two flatbeds on site to haul off abandoned vehicles or anything too large for the dump trucks. Several people will be bringing pick-ups and trailers to help with moving the refuse. The public is invited to the event, and lunch will be provided as well as any equipment needed.

For additional information on ExploringNH?s Trail Cleanup, contact Ryan Hayes or visit

[size="1"]About ExploringNH ? ExploringNH was formed in 2007 by Ryan Hayes, a local off-road enthusiast, to provide information on responsible and legal off-road driving in NH. ExploringNH hosts an online message board with over 250 active members across the state. Trail runs are put on every weekend as well as camping trips, long term expeditions, and off-road driving training sessions.[/size]


Photos from the event:






Many more photos, stories, and a video of the dumptruck going through a deep mud hole at:
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