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RI Motorized Trail Subcommittee: Request for Information

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RI Motorized Trail Subcommittee: Request for Information

Postby Scott Hatch » Wed Feb 01, 2006 1:07 am

Bob Barry wrote:RI Motorized Trail Subcommittee:
Request for Information, Currently-used trails in RI

Bill Derby and I had our first meeting with representatives from the state as the Motorized Trail Subcommittee of the Trails Advisory Committee. We were charged with formulating a plan to put the $450,000 earmarked for OHV trails to good use, and we made great progress today. We have developed a three-stage plan to assess and address the needs of the motorcycle, ATV and 4x4 user-groups in the state of RI, and are currently working on Stage I:


1. Stage I: Existing Trails

a. Identify trails already used by different groups on:
i. State Land
ii. Municipal Land
iii. Land-Trusts
iv. Utility Right of Ways
v. Private Land

b. Determine suitability of such trails for such use, in terms of:
i. Deed or Grant Restrictions
ii. Environmental/Wetland Impact
iii. Endangered Species Impact
iv. Conflict with other user-groups

c. Propose active management of already-used trails to satisfy user-group needs
i. Sticker Program/OHV Registration program
ii. Trail Access management
iii. Trail maintenance program

2. Stage II: Construct or Convert Trails on Existing State Land
a. Identify land suitable for construction or conversion of trails to satisfy unmet user-group needs
b. Propose construction/conversion and active management of trails on existing state-owned land

3. Stage III: Acquire land for the construction of OHV park or trails
a. Identify land suitable for purchase and construction of OHV park or trails
b. Propose purchase of land, construction and active management of OHV park and/or trails

(sorry for the poor formatting)

This is where we can use help from people who use trails in RI. We are first going to identify trails that are already used, legally or illegally, in RI. The logic behind this is that such trails already address the needs of certain users, and if they can be appropriately managed, they would be the best candidates for the first stage of OHV trail development. If the needs of users cannot be addressed by trails from Stage I, then the subcommittee will advance to Stages II and III.

So what I would like to solicit from trail-riders in RI is help in identifying already-used trails here in RI. An excellent example of this is the area known as Driveshaft Hill. Post up any trails here, or direct them to me personally. Information on these trails will NOT be shared with law-enforcement agencies.

Oh, and BTW, I was appointed chair of this subcommittee, so things WILL get done.
Bob Barry

Bob Barry is a member of the Freedom Trail Riders, VP of the RIOHVA (Rhode Island Off Highway Vehicle Association) and the NEA4WDC RI Land Access Team Leader (North East Association of 4WD Clubs) and can be reached at:
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